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(Third Seven performing at the PlayThink Festival in Kentucky, USA, 2018)

About Third Seven

Third Seven, est. in 2002, is an international touring one-man cello band from Oregon, led by Billy Mickelson. He has 20+ years of international touring and performing experience, with thousands of concerts under his belt and spanning about 16 countries. Third Seven is boundless, adaptable, and uniquely approachable in any environment. Third Seven has performed everything from punk rock shows to yoga classes to art gallery openings and everything in between. Third Seven's musical style and approach is not held to any one genre, as he draws global influence from cultures around the world. Billy places particular importance on honesty, vulnerability, relationship building, and storytelling in his musical forays. His technique and performances are one of a kind. He uses looping and layering of cello, rhythm, and vocals to create an engaging experience. Third Seven's dedication to excellence leads to flawless, memorable, and thought-provoking performances for diverse audiences of all kinds.
He currently resides in Central Oregon.

About Third Seven Recordings

'Third Seven Recordings' is a music label established with one simple philosophy: to offer honest, sincere music available for the world to pay any price they wish to pay for it.

Donations to help keep 'Third Seven' alive are very much appreciated.
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Working with Third Seven- film scoring, and audio engineering/mastering

In addition to live performances, Billy Mickelson has also lent his skill set to film scoring and audio engineering projects. He is always happy to talk with you about how his music, film scoring, audio engineering or mastering could impact or elevate your event, community, or audio/visual art projects.

Third Seven has amassed an impressive and wide ranging resume and body of work over the years as a solo artist, band member, and audio engineer:

  • Full time, professional touring musician since 2008: Classically trained pianist, guitarist, and self-taught cellist
  • Multiple European tours
  • 39+ album releases since 2003
  • Audio engineering/film scoring projects include: 7 Hills, Stone in the Water, Radiance of Resistance, Norway's Got Talent, various public library commissions and studio sessioning hires
Venues/Performances include (all shows can be found in the "shows" page):

  • Opened for acts including TEDx, Murder By Death, The Devil Makes Three, Larry And His Flask, Dirtwire, Beats Antique, and Yard Dogs Road Show
  • Performances and memberships with 'Mr Potato', 'Guardian Of The Underdog', 'Larry And His Flask', 'Dela Project', 'Mysle', and of course 'Third Seven'
  • USA: Columbia Arts Center, Bend Film Fest, Nevada Museum of Art, Deschutes Public Library
  • Europe: White Trash Fast Food in Berlin, Germany, Bentivoglio Club in Bolognia, Italy, Bacchus Cafe in Geel, Belgium, The Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Norway

Fans have given such feedback as, "The world desperately needs the music of 'Third Seven' in their lives." .. and .. "'Third Seven' is 'Tom Waits' and 'Zoe Keating's love child."



10 12 2021-

the brand new mysle album titled 'vademecum' released today! we really hope you all enjoy this beautiful piano / cello concept album as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

make sure to check out all of the latest releases. you can allways rely on the great achievements that are happening and evolving forwardly here. click shows to see all of the upcoming shows. endless thanks to all of you for all of your support and for believing in us all these years. you truly are what make this all possible. thank you. see you on the other side. stay tuned and enjoy.


01 14 2021-

after a lot of hard work, i am honored to announce that you can now finally stream each and every album seamlessly with the all new, very custom built-from-scratch third seven audio player built and programmed directly into every album page by hand. just click the 'view files' link for each album and press play (or space bar).


08 07 2020-

third seven finally has vinyl available again, order 'the room' (seven inch split) by third seven and mosley wotta here.

also, after 7 years in the works, colten tyler williams and third seven have released '(in the dark) volume 02'! here


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you must witness the artwork of the beautiful and talented ingrid bomann-larsen. go to:

my brother eliot mickelson is a big collaborator on the 'cascadia' album, make sure you stay updated with his career as well.

a screenshot of billy's high score on the challenging bonte puzzle game called '25' here.

also, do check out 'larry and his flask', a great band.



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