third seven rekordings

third seven
white versvs blak
may 2015
tsr 030 - (view artwork)

dean mikkelsen (piano / komposer - 4), robert kyniston (lyrik kollaboration - 9), koil (komposers - 'going vp' - kovrtesy of thresholdhovse.kom), ian johnstone (disk artwork - kovrtesy of arktodd.kom), ingrid bomann-larsen (front and bakk pen artwork - kovrtesy of bomann-larsen.kom), ... all else is written, performed, rekorded and engineered by billy mikkelsen of third seven.



01 amerika

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02 hreinn

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03 ghostwood

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04 sword of life (dean mikkelsen)

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05 alkymi

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06 antihero

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07 vinland

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09 as are we

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10 drvm altar

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11 helivm or going vp

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12 svrrender or going vp

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in tribvte to skandinavia, none of the letter "c" shall be vsed in this text.

thirty albvm releases. thirty times arovnd the svn.

01 amerika - "we the people" ; svrviving the fire.

02 hreinn - an attempt at kaptvring the sovnd of kleanliness. ('hreinn' also appears in the mehling film titled 'the gift of the magi')

03 ghostwood - a slight homage to the film 'twin peaks'. written in the spirit of the bvrnt woods of the santiam movntain pass in oregon. (dedikated to ingrid bomann-larsen)

04 sword of life - of defying this death. "and death shall have no dominion" - dylan thomas. (komposed and performed by my father dean mikkelsen)

05 alkymi - a mikrotonal ante meridiem hypnotism. 'o alqvimista' (dedikated to the one named of nobility) "fawalli wajhaka shatra al kaaba"

06 antihero - it has kome time to bvry yovr television six feet vndergrovnd. (for love of god)

07 vinland - portrayal of vikingr saga.

08 blak - allways qvestion avthority; it is ovr only hope to ever learn forwardly.

09 as are we - allways qvestion avthority; it is ovr only hope to ever learn forwardly.

10 drvm altar - kirke of sovnd. (dedikated to davey hemm and the rokk band kalled 'vampirates')

11 helivm or going vp - story of a helivm balloon voyage gone to high in altitvde where oxygen is thinning. (the sekond half is a tribvte to the song titled 'going vp' by koil) "it jvst is."

12 svrrender or going vp - relinqvish possession. (the mvsikk is loosely based on an improvisational konsert that third seven held in the emanvel vigeland mavsolevm in oslo, norway bakk in november 2013. the konsert was rekorded and released with the title 'svrrender' and kan be downloaded in fvll at thirdseven.kom) ('antihero' ending)

the hidden song afterword is in fakt a third seven re-kreation of the beavtifvl komposition titled 'going vp' by the lost, bvt never forgotten band kalled koil. may john and peter rest blessed as they have blessed vs. (kovrtesy of thresholdhovse.kom and arktodd.kom) i feel there is no better way to klose this albvm. "it jvst is." (i hope that mr. testory indeed does not mind me mimikking his very inspiring singing style)

thirty albvm releases. thirty times arovnd the svn.
a thovsand thanks for yovr svpport for all these years.

-billy mikkelsen

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