third seven recordings

january 2009
tsr 008 - (view artwork)

robert kyniston, billy mickelson



01 pronounced misla

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02 sierra female

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03 winter sun

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04 tasted memory

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05 glass ring dance

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06 born apotek

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08 djupavik orange

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09 sagittarius

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-pronounced misla

it is cold
the wind is ripping through
needles and branches
soil and grass
spilling rain in all directions
in a violent fit
to collect on the glass windshields
trickle down windows
splash under tires
the gods feeding the earth
appeasing her thirst
let her drink until she is full
until the asphalt cracks
and the bridges lose their footings
reclaiming the metals and minerals
that have been robbed
reclaiming the blood
the skin
the flesh she has fed
which has taken greedily
and rest
let it be done
rain fueling the green inferno
dancing like so many arms
reaching for the sun
and i am left below
beneathe the swirling rhythm
too thick to see above
below with the grass
and water gathers in pools
to be soaked up by the roots
to feed the mighty
i watch the grass
sway and grow
reach like its brethren
on a smaller
vaster scale
they rejoice
while the animals hide
we are sick
many wolves are bleeding the earth
now all the clouds rain blood
they will die under the blood
now they will
nesayka sik
hayu lilu mash pilpil ukuk ilehi
alta kanawi kosah smok snas pilpil
klaska chaku hilu kikweli pilpil
alta kanawi

-sierra female

her scent is carved into the wind
footprints damage to the earth
the beggar the thief
the wolf and death have given birth
the balance has been broken
and truth will break like glass
blood shy red sky
through and through a cloud of ash
give me a sound
give me another
give me a moment now
to piece it all together
memory loses its potency
meaning is stolen by
fate is blood soaked in tear
lost to the gaze in her eyes

-winter sun

fading tired winter sun
blinds me with your cobalt light
and as we walk i hear your voice
numb my heart like ice
will anyone follow the trail
we have left in the virgin snow
fore springs thaw takes it all away
i fear the answer is no
the fires have died
and with them thier warmth
in the horizon a snow white curse
hangs heavy on my thoughts
and i feel that if nothing changes
the morning will come without us
the cold air pierces my lungs
i cannot think
i cannot breathe
through the pain in my chest
let the night take all of this away
the morning is coming without us
the wind is changing quickly
and carrying dread on its back
memories voices feelings
and dreams
lost in the frozen black night air
in the cold light of the winter sun
may we grow together
blood and reason
have lost to die
in the shifting atmosphere
under frozen light
let the morning come without us

-glass ring dance

so long i wait in silence
darkness swallowed in a dream
death to hope in her voice
echo out in a scream
through one love is born another
rage spilled under deadly sky
will not find this place again
without her hand to guide
soon the morning will come out
karma will claim on and on


don't be afraid to use your wings

-djupavik orange

filling my lungs with sand
as i lay drowned in time
heart is bleeding out
in a mix of sound
colors swirl
burning out in a sigh
outline of your figure
against the midnight sky
i find my spirit lost
in a synesthetic dream
tell me what you mean


time to soothe down now
the greater suspicion

-robert kyniston, billy mickelson

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